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How much of your food purchases do you waste per year?
{{sals[0]|translate}} The average European wastes one month's worth of food shop per year
Food is beautiful, delicious, and valuable
It's no wonder throwing it away leaves a bad taste in our mouths.
Let's see the scale of the challenge, understand why food waste is happening, then look at a range of solutions that we can all action!
What percentage of food do you think is wasted globally?
Globally, over 30% of all food produced is wasted
This is having a huge impact on people and the planet.
If food waste were a country, where would it rank in terms of greenhouse gas emissions?
{{sals[2]|translate}} Food waste would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the USA

*Gt = Gigatonnes of CO2e

Farmers use a total of 4.5 billion hectares of land to grow the world's food
How much of that is thrown away worldwide?
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1.4 billion hectares of land is wasted.
This is more land than is taken up by the whole continent of Europe.
To grow this wasted food, farmers use 250 trillion litres of water
This is equivalent to the yearly water use of the whole continent of Europe, four times over
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895kg total food is produced per person each year
Consumer Food Icon 520kg Consumed Food
Consumer Waste Icon

95kg Consumer Waste

Consumer Truck Icon 186kg Supply Chain Loss and Waste
Consumer Waste (Europe)

95kg is wasted per person.

We make portion sizes too large and cannot finish all the food.

Catering for every item on their menu at all times means there is a lot of waste.

The supply chain leaks at every stage

Getting the food to our tables

19 kg per person

of waste happens while food is in transit to you. Perishable foods are not delivered in time or orders are cancelled en route.

The delicious solutions

We can #solvefoodwaste. Here's how.

Saving Food At Home
Saving food at home
Redistributing food
Redistributing food
Curbing retailer and restaurant food waste
Curbing retailer and restaurant food waste
Saving food on farms
Saving food on farms
Together, we can solve food waste

In order to safeguard people and the planet, we need to reduce food waste.

From the food in your home to the farm where it is grown, together, we can #solvefoodwaste.

Tell us your solutions!

Are you already solving food waste in your city? Let us know! Your stories will help us gather food waste solutions.